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demons: Lethally Blonde by Patrice Lyle

Lethally Blonde
by Patrice Lyle
Just released: February 14, 2012
part of the Class of 2k12

If Elle Woods were a teenage demon, her name would be Morgan Skully.

Morgan is the world's only blonde demon girl, and she's got a brand new, very unusual afterschool job.

Spying for the Devil.

She'd much rather use her cloak-and-dagger skills to spy on hottie-licious Derek with her friends, but the Devil won't take no for an answer. Luckily for Morgan, her new boss is kinda hot.

Her assignment is simple: find out who at Pitchfork Prep is funneling secrets to the Siberian Werewolf Council. If she succeeds, pedicures and platinum highlights are just the beginning.

But if she fails...there's more on the line than killer shoes.


...was born on Valentine's Day a junior at Pitchfork Prep the world's only blonde demon girl
...can torch someone into dust with her lazer eyes a raging sparkle-a-holic (her middle name should totally be Blingalicious!)
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  1. Lazer eyes would be awesome! This sounds like a cute read, especially the *hot* boss lol ;D

  2. I read from Damsels in Regress. I learned the author just got her PhD in Holistic Nutrition. She plans on using it to write a fitness book. Congrats and good luck to Patrice.

  3. I read the interview from Reading away the days.

    Well..i read a lot of interesting the book was inspired by Legally Blonde, and that the devil is the cute surfer-kind-of-devil to quote Patrice Lyle.


    rallu.93 (@)

  4. Hi! Thanks for your interest in my book!


  5. I read the interview at Reading away the days!, and I learned that Patrice's Dad was a detective. That's a pretty unusual day job to begin with. My email is:


  6. I read the review at Cari's Book Blog. It's interesting how the Patrice relates so many of the book's elements to the devil. Examples are the fact that Morgan attends Pitchfork Prep and her favorite store is Dante's. The prep school offers such courses as Werewolf History and the Demon Revolution. Even Morgan's last name of Skully is related.

  7. I read the review at Damsels in Regress. I learned that the author was a nanny in Amsterdam and her first novel was loosely based on that experience. I would really like to read this book it sounds great.

    pefrw at yahoo dot com

  8. I read the interview over at Damsels in Regress.
    I liked the point about not forcing a story to be YA. That it is or it isn't.


  9. I read interview at Reading away... I agree with job of detective, it is just interesting, but main task is, I think, absolutely cool surfer who is author talking about. Yeah, I have similar opinion of working for devil.

  10. I read the one at Cari's blog. I like the demon blond and fun! Must be a nice character!

    aliasgirl at libero dot it

  11. I read the interview on Damsels in Regress blog, I learned that one of Patricia's favorite books was Sweet Valley High series.

  12. read from Damsels in Regress.
    and i couldnt agree much on the interviewee when she was asked about her fave high school story. of course it would always be Sweet valley High for her and for me, and for everybody I guess. I mean who doesnt love Lizzie and Jess? :)

    punkme15 at gmail dot com


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