Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dull Boy Giveaway

Contest has ended - winner is here

The Dull Boy giveaway at Diana Peterfreund's site is done. I wasn't a winner. Boo Hoo. But I reeeeeeally liked the superhero creation idea and am excited for the book! I plan to get a copy for myself. And, I've decided to pick up an extra copy for my first book giveaway this week.

Enter to win a copy of Dull Boy by Sarah Cross:

1 entry: Create a Superhero at The Hero Factory and email me (vvb32@yahoo.com) your superhero picture with a name and blurb of her/ his special ability.

Note: After making your superhero, you have to press the download tab and save the file -- the default name is "MyHero.jpg"

2 entries: Post your superhero picture on your site and mention this giveaway on your blog linking to this post. Don't forget to comment below with your post link and superhero name and blurb about her/ his special ability.

3 entries: In addition to either of the two above entry requirements, tell me your favorite superhero book, comic or movie.

Entries: open to all countries
Deadline: Saturday, June 6, Midnight PST
Winner announced: Sunday, June 7

Book Reviews:
"Forget Kryptonite and radioactive spiders...Dull Boy is here to bring you a new brand of super hero, ready for the 21st century."
--Shooting Stars Mag

"I absolutely adored the ending and will send my zombie kittehs after Sarah Cross is she does not write a sequel ASAP!"
--Sharon Loves Books and Cats

"DULL BOY has it all – humor, friendship, family issues, a little romance, super powers. What more could you ask for?"
--Karin's Book Nook

Author Interview:
Scoop on Sarah Cross by the epic rat
Sarah Cross by And Another Book Read


  1. Happy first book giveaway! :D :D :D

  2. Liyana - got it! the odds are in your favor at the moment...

  3. Super awesome contest idea!!!

  4. i've sent my email. my favorite superhero movie was Ironman.


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