Friday, May 8, 2009

Author Reading: Cindy Pon

I'll be there, will you?
So far, Tales of a Ravenous Reader said she'll be there too!

Launch Party and Reading:
CINDY PON presents Silver Phoenix

Friday, May 8, 2009 7:00 p.m.

Books Inc. in Laurel Village
3515 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94118
Phone: 415-221-3666

Come to the Northern California Launch Party for CINDY PON, who will read from her debut teen fantasy book, Silver Phoenix, at Books Inc. in Laurel Village. With a sweeping quest and Chinese-inspired mythology, this book introduces a heroine who sheds the constrictions of her sheltered life, discovers the well of power within herself, and vanquishes an age-old evil.

Cindy's blog here.

Cindy's raffle contest --> deadline June 8. Prizes include an original framed brush painting, signed Silver Phoenix book, gift card.

Cindy's brush artwork here. Such sweet pieces. I love the Joy in Spring with the two blue birds and the Afternoon Snack with the panda.

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Post event thoughts:
It was a nice warm evening in San Francisco which is rare. I grabbed some dinner at a new wonderful foodie place called beautifull! located a few doors away from Books Inc. The turkey burger with chipotle ketchup and guacamole was yum! but I digress.

OK, so afterwards I walked over to Books Inc. to check out the store and YA section. Living in SF for a year and a half, it was my first visit. I've been frequenting Borders bookstores because of convenience and the Borders rewards card. I liked this nice small bookstore which had a pretty good children's, teen and graphic novels sections. I got a copy of the Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon and joined Books Inc.'s discount card program. I'm jazzed.

Because I was in the shop early, I got to see Jennifer (hostess of the event and not your mother's book club) setup the table with Cindy's book and vase of flowers. Once the chairs were in place I picked out my spot and started on the first chapter of the Silver Phoenix. Meanwhile, Cindy popped in with her hubby and two kids in tow. She brought cupcakes to treat us with. Cindy looked beautiful in a red Chinese dress. I didn't have a camera but you can check out pictures at Martha Flynn's I Am Procrastinating blog.

The audience started to finally assemble after 7pm. I was worried it was going to be a small crowd. But the event had people standing in the back. The room was filled with Cindy's friends, fellow writers, would-be authors, online acquaintances, fans and new fans (like me). Hey! Cheryl Renee Herbsman, author of Breathing was also in the house!

Our hostess, Jennifer (also of not your mother's book club), read the first paragraph of the first chapter of the Silver Phoenix to kick off the night. BTW: this event is the second for Cindy in her blog tour line-up.

"The eunuchs said the windows were ceiling height to allow the concubines their privacy, but Jin Lian knew it was also a way to keep them trapped. These quarters had walls taller than any courtyard tree. No one could survive the drop to the other side. No that any concubine in possession of ther wits would ever attempt to escape the Palace -- or her duties to the Emperor."

Pretty engaging first paragraph, eh? Reminds me of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon's jumping on roofs sequence.

Then, Cindy took questions from the audience before signing books. Most of the questions were regarding her writing and research process. At one point, Cindy's daughter asked when her next book was coming out. To which Cindy answered 2010 and it was going to be a prequel sequel or did she say pre-sequel. hmmm. Regardless, it sounds like an interesting twist on things normally done.

All-in-all a nice event in a friendly and casual setting.

Thanks for coming to San Francisco, Cindy!

updated: 5.9.09


  1. OH Man, I wish I could go:( My town is the worst for author signings-have fun though..

  2. HIya!!! OMG!! I had a good time but did not check back on my blog because my server went down and did not notice your post until today. I am soo bummed that I did not get a chance to chat with you. Are you going to the deb ball next Thursday? I was the person wearing the Buffy slayed Edward T-shirt that everyone seems to enjoy.

    I am very happy that Cindy sold out of her books and I wish her much success. Her book is awesome. I will be posting my review soon :)

  3. Sorry, I missed you too. I cut out early so didn't get a chance to do the mingle thing. Sure were lots of people there though. Yes, I'll be at the Deb ball next week too!

  4. Will you be at the debutante ball? I'll have to spot you! And let's make sure I don't commit a misdemeanor at this one.


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