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Author Reading: Cheryl Renee Herbsman

Debutant Ball Spring 2009 post event thoughts on:

Cheryl Renee Herbsman author of Breathing.

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Cheryl was beautiful with her lovely dangly chandelier earrings. She started off the debut author trio by reading a passage from her book where the two main characters meet for the second time. She read with a southern accent which helped draw the audience into the story. Later Cheryl mentioned that although she wrote her characters with southern dialect it does not necessarily mean that they were not educated.

Here is just a snippet of what Cheryl read (hardcover, page 19):

I turn to look and there he is, staring right at me from up by the snack shack. Some kind of crazy zingy feeling goes shooting right on up my chest. I should have brung my inhaler--all the sudden my breathing is clunky. Hell 'n' high water, he's headed this way. And he's got that big ol' smile plastered on his face like I'm his long-lost best friend. And I haven't a clue what his long-lost best friend would say. I drop my bike down in the sand beside me.

"Hey," he says, just like last time.

Ah, hell. "Hey," I reply, promising myself that no matter what happens I will not run off like a baby.

Afterwards during the Q&A session, it was interesting to learn that Cheryl's first writing efforts was with the fantasy genre.

Thanks for the reading, Cheryl!

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