Sunday, May 17, 2009

Author Reading: C. Lee McKenzie

Debutant Ball Spring 2009 post event thoughts on:

C. Lee McKenzie author of Sliding on the Edge

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Garden of Books

Shooting Stars Mag

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Writer Musings

YA Mamma

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Post event thoughts:
C. Lee was up second at the event. She told some funny anecdotes about using the name "C. Lee" for her new publication. Like being referred to as Seal-y Posturpedic or being teased with Hi-C as in fruit punch. "C" is actually for Cheryl which she has used with previous works. Then, C. Lee got serious and read the first paragraph from her book, Sliding on the Edge.

Something's wrong. It's not a heart-grabbing noise like when somebody jiggles the doorknob to see if it's locked. It's not a bitter smell like the electrical short we had last month, when all the breakers popped. No. It's something in the air, something like a ghost making its way through the room. And it can't be Monster, not after last night.

Oooooh. Serious grit here.

During the Q&A, C. Lee mentioned that she got her inspiration for the novel from an article she read in the paper about students who purposefully injure themselves by cutting, burning or other methods.

C. Lee wins for cutest bookmark: silver horse charms :-D

Thanks for the reading C. Lee!

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