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The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

The Little Paris Bookshop
by Nina George
narrated by Steve West, Emma Bering and Cassandra Campbell

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Published: 2015
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Genre: Contemporary, France
Paperback: 368 pages
Rating: 4

First sentence:
How on earth could I have let them talk me into it?
The two general of number 27 Rue Montagnard—Madame Bernard, the owner, and Madame Rosalette, the concierge—had caught Monsieur in a pincer movement between their ground-floor flats.

The international bestseller, translated from the German by Simon Pare. On a beautifully restored barge on the Seine, Jean Perdu runs a bookshop; or rather a 'literary apothecary', for this bookseller possesses a rare gift for sensing which books will soothe the troubled souls of his customers.

The only person he is unable to cure, it seems, is himself. He has nursed a broken heart ever since the night, twenty-one years ago, when the love of his life fled Paris, leaving behind a handwritten letter that he has never dared read. His memories and his love have been gathering dust - until now. The arrival of an enigmatic new neighbour in his eccentric apartment building on Rue Montagnard inspires Jean to unlock his heart, unmoor the floating bookshop and set off for Provence, in search of the past and his beloved.

My two-bits:

A story of love and loss and love in Paris.

There is a road trip feel to this story (via boat) with each port of call that introduces characters and their individual stories of love and relationships.

Loved the concept of prescribing books for emotional ailments.

Also, loved the idea of a floating bookshop. Actually, there is a book barge in the U.K. that is currently floating around and selling books (here). It would be fun to visit someday...

About the author:
Nina George works as a journalist, writer, and storytelling teacher. She is the award winning author of 26 books, and also writes feature articles, short stories, and columns.

The Little Paris Bookshop spent over a year on bestseller lists in Germany, and was a bestseller in Italy, Poland, and the Netherlands. George is married to the writer Jens J. Kramer and lives in Hamburg and in Brittany, France.

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