Friday, July 22, 2016

Sweet Progress Summer Box Swap

Sweet Progress Summer Box Swap
(details) #SPBoxSwap
hosted by
@Akaleistar of Happy.Pretty.Sweet
@Mrs_AOK of Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

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SWAP partner: Ashley of Happy.Pretty.Sweet - Thanks mucho!

I am enjoying this summer box of goodies:

- Journal book
- Note card set and sharpie pen
- Balloons, bookmark bands, sparkly confetti
- Lip balm
- Soap (sea themed) - always a hit with me ;-)
- Pinwheel earrings (hand-made)
- Summer cup with lemonade mix and umbrella drink accessory

=====> The note set is a wonderful addition to my stationery as I am making efforts to write more snail mail.


  1. Aw, I love Ashley! I just saw all the fun goodies you sent her and I think you two did a great job. Those earrings are too cute!! How fun that they are handmade.


  2. It was so fun swapping with you! I hope you enjoy your summer goodies :)

  3. What a nice collection of gifts! I find that having note-cards in my possession makes me more likely to use them -- and that results in more people writing me back. Win-win!

  4. You got some really neat stuff. I'm a sucker for note cards.

  5. I know first hand how awesome of a partner Ashley is. :) Looks like she sent some really fun goodies. And you've got to love handmade earrings.
    Thanks for joining the swap, I hope to see you back in the fall.


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