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The Measure of Temperance by Ichabod Temperance

The Measure of Temperance
by Ichabod Temperance

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Published: 2014
Publisher: GoldenBear Creative Works
Genre: Steampunk, Zombies
Rating: 4

The Adventures of Ichabod Temperance series:
A Matter of Temperance
A World of inTemperance
For the Love of Temperance
The Measure of Temperance

First sentence(s):
I will not endure the oppression of this dungeon another day.

The stench of too many men, sharing too little air, in too small of a confine, is an unending assault against me, my pride, and the terrible powers which I represent.

"T'was the hand of Fate that brought Miss Plumtartt and me together for in truth, we have been happenstance-stricken and adventure prone ever since." -Ichabod Temperance from "For the Love of Temperance".

Ichabod Temperance and Persephone Plumtartt are once again caught up in a whirlwind of excitement and danger! New friends and old join our plucky heroes as they struggle to protect planet Earth from unspeakable ruin in the form of an overwhelming zombie cataclysm!

What's this? In the midst of their most trying ordeal, Icky and Persephone have a tiff? Certainly, this is a novel full of calamity!

Zombie sighting:
I will transform the brazenly disrespectful lawmen into mindless zombies!
-Prologue One, page 1

My two-bits:

This is one of those stories that tickles. I found myself chuckling throughout the reading from the word play, foreign accents and innuendos (and not).

Some travel is involved with fun mentions and description of Southern California sites of their times. There is also an attendance of an unusual Carnivalle.

A love triangle makes an appearance as well during the pursuit of a bad guy named Sku Le'Bizarre.

I would recommend reading the printed version as the presentation of the story includes a smattering of font styles in dialogue which creates a playful vibe. There are also amusing skull images at the end of each chapter - such a variety. And of course, I loved the (voodoo) zombie presence.


* review copy courtesy of author

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