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The Girl Without A Name by Sandra Block (with giveaway)

The Girl Without A Name
by Sandra Block

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Just released: September 8, 2015
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Genre: Mental illness, Mystery, Psychological Thriller
Paperback: 368 pages
Rating: 3

Little Black Lies
The Girl Without A Name

First sentence(s):
We call her Jane, because she can't tell us her name. Can't or won't, I'm not sure. She lies in a hospital bed, a strangely old expression upon her teenaged face.

In what passes for an ordinary day in a psych ward, Dr. Zoe Goldman is stumped when a highly unusual case arrives. A young African American girl, found wandering the streets of Buffalo in a catatonic state, is brought in by police. No one has come forward to claim her, and all leads have been exhausted, so Zoe's treatment is the last hope to discover the girl's identity.

When drugs prove ineffective and medical science seems to be failing, Zoe takes matters into her own hands to track down Jane Doe's family and piece together their checkered history. As she unearths their secrets, she finds that monsters hide where they are least expected. And now she must solve the mystery before it is too late. Because someone wants to make sure this young girl never remembers.

Zombie sighting:
I sort through the mail—"SPOOKTACULAR" orange-and-black fliers for zombie costumes, red-white-and-blue ads where someone is Satan and someone is the Messiah for the election, and bills (too many)—when I see the letter.
-chapter , page 31

My two-bits:

Found this to be more mystery than thriller although not one that includes a death.

The world of mental illness and state of mind is described along with the process of trying to figure out Jane Doe's. More cerebral action occurs rather than physical action in this story telling.

While I was curious to find out the story behind the Jane Doe character, the final reveal was interesting but not too shocking.

About the author:
Sandra Block graduated from college at Harvard, then returned to her native land of Buffalo, New York, for medical training and never left. She is a practicing neurologist and has been published in both medical and poetry journals. The Girl Without a Name is her second novel.

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