Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Have A Song On Your Lips (2015)

Have A Song On Your Lips (2015)
Kuchibiru ni uta wo (original title)
Directed by: Takahiro Miki
Screenplay by: Yukiko Mochiji and Yûichi Toyone
Based on novel by: Otsuichi
-Drama, Japan

Yui Aragaki as Yuri
Fumino Kimura as Haruko
Kenta Kiritani as Tetsuo
Yuri Tsunematsu as Nazuna
Shôta Shimoda as Satoru
Wakana Aoi as Chinatsu
Kyôka Shibata as Eri

My rating: 4.5

Per Japan Film Festival 2015:
This touching school drama unfolds around Yuri Kashiwagi, a former piano prodigy, who returns to her hometown to work as a temporary music teacher and supervise the chorus members at the local middle school. While practicing for the regional contest, chorus members get an assignment from Yuri to write a letter to themselves in 15 years. Facing their personal issues, Yuri and her students begin to find their own voices.


My two-bits:
A bit sentimental but not too.

Got a dose of middle school and glee-like activities on a small island of Japan.

Loved the music bits - singing and piano pieces.

Outdoor scenes reminded me of The Sound of Music (movie) - just visually, which warms the heart.


* part of the J-Pop Summit Film Festival 2015 in SF

* part of my Armchair Summer Travel (details) - check it out to enter Armchair Summer Travel Book Box Giveaway

* made me want to visit country: Goto Island, Japan

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