Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Harajuku Denier (2015)

Harajuku Denier (2015)
Directed by: Hideta Takahata, Shuta Tanaka
-Drama, Japan

Saki Asamiya
Kaoru Hirata
Momo Shiina
Rina Koyama
Erica Tonooka
Hitomi Miyake
Sayaka Tashiro
Rie Fujiwara
Yoshihiro Nozoe
Houka Kinoshita
Hiroshi Yamamoto
Hiroki Konno

My rating: 5

Per Japan Film Festival 2015:
The story unfolds in Harajuku, the melting pot of Tokyo and the forefront of popular sub-cultures transmitted everywhere. The lives of many young and dream-filled eccentrics intersect. Teenyboppers, narcissists, tourists, and workers from various countries – cutting-edge filmmaker Shuta Tanaka humorously captures the amalgamation of cultures found in today’s Harajuku in an ensemble cast comedy.


My two-bits:

This was a fun flick that brings you into the young hip and happening fashion and food scene of Harajuku in Tokyo.

Also included: some martial arts and sighting of Korean boy band idols from Bee Shuffle


* part of the J-Pop Summit Film Festival 2015 in SF

* part of my Armchair Summer Travel (details) - check it out to enter Armchair Summer Travel Book Box Giveaway

* made me want to visit country? Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan - yes!

Most scenes take place in and around shops in Harajuku. Fun place to people watch.

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