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Anchored by Brigitte Quinn

by Brigitte Quinn

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Just released: August 4, 2015
Publisher: Curtis Brown Unlimited
Genre: Women's fiction
Paperback: 305 pages
Rating: 4

First sentence(s):
Figures, she thought, the one day she hoped to sleep in, some knucklehead celebrity had to up and crash his plane.

How do you stay anchored when you’re attracted to your co-anchor?

Barbara King’s dream is to become the next Barbara Walters. But for now, she’s anchoring at the fledgling Phoenix news channel, covering car chases and interviewing drunken showbiz has-beens. If she can just out-fox the conniving anchors at her cable channel and move up to its prime-time line-up, she’ll be able to fly the coop and ascend to a real news network.

Enter Jack Stone, Barbara’s dynamic, witty—and did she mention sexy?—new co-anchor. Another potential competitor, Jack’s attitude is chilly toward Barbara at first, but it’s not long before a genuine friendship forms. Soon they find themselves finishing each other’s sentences, discovering all they have in common and, ultimately, attempting to ignore how wildly attracted they are to each other. Meanwhile, on the set, under television’s bright lights, they sit just inches apart, their chemistry even apparent to the quirky cast of characters in the gossiping newsroom.

Will Barbara give in to her attraction to Jack and betray her husband, Ben, her sweet-souled moral compass? When a life-altering news event propels the Phoenix to the #1 news channel in the nation, will Barbara sell her soul to become a prime time star?

How do you stay true to yourself when you’re being seduced by stardom—and your co-star?

My two-bits:

This was an entertaining gentle chick-lit read that covers the dilemma of love at home and love in the workplace. I liked the characters so well that I would have been happy with whatever couple outcome came about.

The day to day workings of life on a news channel was interesting to learn about along with the competitive nature and doings of the business.

Got me thinking of fidelity and kinds of love.

About the author:
Brigitte Quinn has worked in broadcasting for more than thirty years, and was a television anchor at the Fox News Channel, MSNBC and NBC. She holds an MFA in writing from Sarah Lawrence College and a BS from Cornell University.

She lives in Connecticut with her husband and three children, and is currently anchoring mornings at 1010 WINS radio in New York City. Anchored is her first novel.


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