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Extraordinary Tales From A Rather Ordinary Guy by Ed Marx

Extraordinary Tales From A Rather Ordinary Guy
by Ed Marx

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Published: 2014
Publisher: Charles Pinot
Genre: Memoir
Paperback: 240 pages
Rating: 4.5

Ed Marx considers himself an ordinary guy, raised from humble beginnings and possessing mostly average qualities. He struggled through his early adolescent and adult years and truly believed that his life was headed nowhere. But through the examples set by his parents (both holocaust survivors) and the lessons he learned from his early mistakes and failures, Ed began to experience what he calls his extraordinary tales, experiences that changed his life and helped him create his own playbook for living an inspired life.

In Extraordinary Tales from a Rather Ordinary Guy, Ed shares many of extraordinary stories he has experienced in his life and sets out the 14 rules he lives by every day. He found that integrating these rules into his daily life resulted in even more of these amazing experiences. Extraordinary Tales is not a magic bullet; simply reading it will not change your life. But Ed Marx believes that if you take the stories to heart and fully embrace this playbook, you can be inspired to create your own extraordinary life.

First sentence:
For my generation, each day of growing up presented some new risk to take or some new challenge to meet.

My two-bits:

Definitely an inspirational set of personal tales of life lessons from the perspective of a person with experiences from the Army, Athletic, Healthcare and IT worlds. Also, a touch of christian influence.

Plenty of food for thought on how to get ahead in life, most of which I could relate to.

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