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Wishful Thinking by Kamy Wicoff

Wishful Thinking
by Kamy Wicoff

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Just released: April 21, 2015
Publisher: She Writes Press
Genre: Chick-lit, Time Travel
Paperback: 370 pages
Rating: 5

Jennifer Sharpe has problems just about any working parent can relate to: her boss expects her to work as though she doesn’t have children, and her children want her to care for them as though she doesn’t have a boss. But when Jennifer suddenly finds herself in possession of a miraculous time travel app called Wishful Thinking, she thinks she may have found the solution.

With the app, Jennifer goes quickly from zero to hero in every part of her life: she is super worker, the last to leave her office every night; she is super mom, the first to arrive at pickup every afternoon; and she even becomes super girlfriend, dating a musician who thinks she has unlimited child care and a flexible job. But Jennifer soon finds herself facing questions that adding more hours to her day can’t answer. Why does she feel busier and more harried than ever? And when choosing to be with your children, at work, or with your partner doesn’t involve sacrifice, do those choices lose their meaning?

My two-bits:

This story presents multi-tasking and balancing life to the extreme. It felt exhausting to read how the protagonist filled her days. But like all things, time catches up.

And yet, the experience was essential in the growth for not only the main character, Jennifer, but for those around her in the know.

I liked how a most of the women depicted in this story were smart, strong, middle-aged (or older).

This book made me think of how I spend my time. What is quality time? How to make time worthwhile, productive and happy-making?

About the author:

Kamy Wicoff is the co founder of, the world’s largest online community for women who write, and co founder, with publisher Brooke Warner, of She Writes Press. and SheWrites Press were acquired in 2014 and are now part of the SparkPoint Studio family. Wicoff’s first book, the best-selling I Do but I Don’t: Why the Way We Marry Matters, was published by Da Capo Press in 2006. Her work has appeared in, and has been anthologized in Why I’m Still Married: Women Write Their Hearts Out on Love, Loss, Sex, and Who Does The Dishes (Hudson Street Press, 2006), and About Face: Women Write About What They See When They Look in the Mirror (Seal Press, 2008). She serves on the board of Girls Write Now, a mentoring organization in New York City, and also formerly served on the Advisory Council for Stanford University’s Clayman Institute for Gender Research. Wicoff lives in Brooklyn with her sons, Max and Jed.

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  1. I added this book to GR. Thanks for this great feature and giveaway. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. I hadn't heard of this book before reading this feature -- it sounds awesome! The personal issues that are explored are bound to be deeply resonant with many readers own feelings and experiences (myself not unincluded). I am also drawn to the work due to my admiration for the author's work for women writers through

    If I am lucky, please try shamy at post dot harvard dot edu

    Here is a link to my to-read list:
    This book is currently #30 and will definitely be bumped around by surrounding activity but not by hundreds (or thousands, I have an epic to-read list) of places. I am going to friend you on goodreads presently so you can see the link (if we're not already connected -- I don't know off the top off my head).

    Thanks for bringing this book to my attention and for this opportunity to read it for free.

    Kara S

    1. We are goodreads friends indeed! --Kara S

  3. I like the middle aged bit. Seems so realistic

  4. Added to GR: Mary Preston

    I love the sound of this.


  5. Added to Goodreads.
    Sounds good this book :)
    Great review!

  6. Who doesn't need miraculous time travel app?? hehe
    Added on GRs
    Thank you for the giveaway!
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