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Bone prequel: Rose by Jeff Smith

Bone prequel: Rose
by Jeff Smith
illustrated by Charles Vess

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Published: 2009
Publisher: Graphix
Genre: Graphic Novel, MG
Paperback: 138 pages
Rating: 5

Bone series:
Rose (Bone, #0)
Bone, Vol. 1: Out from Boneville (Bone, #1)
Bone, Vol. 2: The Great Cow Race (Bone, #2)
Bone, Vol. 3: Eyes of the Storm (Bone, #3)
Bone, Vol. 4: The Dragonslayer (Bone, #4)
Bone, Vol. 5: Rock Jaw, Master of the Eastern Border (Bone, #5)
Bone, Vol. 6: Old Man's Cave (Bone, #6)
Bone, Vol. 7: Ghost Circles (Bone, #7)
Bone, Vol. 8: Treasure Hunters (Bone, #8)
Bone, Vol. 9: Crown of Horns (Bone #9)

The hit comic book mini-series Rose now comes to you in a single handsome package with a brand-new cover! Released over a yearlong period to rave reviews (and an Eisner nomination for best painter), the Bone prequel by Jeff Smith and Charles Vess can now be read as it was originally intended - as one massive epic. In the old days, when BONE'S Gran'ma Ben was a teenager, a terrifying dragon laid siege to the small towns of the Northern Valley. Unknown to Princess Rose (young Gran'ma Ben), the strange dragon is actually the minion of the Ancient Enemy called the Lord of the Locust. Unable to defeat the monster, Rose seeks the advice of her advisor, who tells the young princess how to destroy the dragon - - - but at a terrible cost.

My two-bits:

Good intro to the series in regards to its historical background.

The story is in keeping with a fairy tale and folktale vibe - with dragons. The illustrations are wonderfully colored - although I may be a bit biased as I love Charles Vess artwork.


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