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Moral Order: The Rise of Luca C. Mariner by Phil Pauley

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As part of the Moral Order blog tour, image above is a representation of something you would see in the world that is created in the Moral Order.


Moral Order:
The Rise of Luca C. Mariner
by Phil Pauley

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Just released: September 15, 2014
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Genre: Aliens, Dystopia, Sci-Fi, YA
Paperback: 322 pages
Rating: 4

Moral Order series:
The Rise of Luca C. Mariner
book 2 - tba

Society has been ripped apart by environmental decay and the battle scars of progress. Solar storms, extreme weather, barbaric tribes and mutant creatures rule the planet. In the 22nd century, no one lasts in the Wilds for long.

Shielded from this world, teenager Luca C. Mariner lives a privileged existence in one of the last remaining Megacities. Yet his tranquil life is about to be shattered as Luca and his friends are thrown into the brutal reality of the Wilds when Earth is attacked by a merciless alien alliance.

Luca, fragile humanoid Ceiba and feisty Asia-Mae are catapulted into a thrilling adventure of intergalactic and deep sea mystery. They must battle against time and use their strength of friendship to become leaders of a new resistance. But is it too late to restore moral order and save humanity from imminent collapse?

My two-bits:

I found this to be a good start to a new series that takes place in the future that includes aliens.

A big cast is introduced and established well in this story. However, there is a focus on the main character, Luca, who holds special abilities and qualities that presents him as good hero for this series.

Alliances and friendships are made and strengthened amidst action scenes.

I was tickled to encounter a kind of black smokes monster that shows up in the story that reminded me of the black smoke monster from the tv series Lost.

And, there is a spark of a budding romance.

About the author:

Phil is an internationally recognised conceptual designer and futurist. His work regularly feature in a number of high profile technology, lifestyle and popular science websites, blogs and news sites.

This year he was one of two people honored by the world renowned Green GOOD DESIGN Award and is featured in the BRITAIN IS GREAT campaign.

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  1. Can't go wrong where's there's aliens involved lol
    Sounds PDG (pretty dang good) :D


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