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Flappers at the party: Eliott sisters

DARLING did you have trouble finding a frock for Floyd's party tonight?

Then you must simply meet these fashion designers, Bea and Evie from the House of Eliott...

The House of Eliott is a British television series produced and broadcast by the BBC in three series between 1991 and 1994. The series starred Stella Gonet and Louise Lombard as two sisters in 1920s London who establish a dressmaking business and eventually their own haute couture fashion house. -per wikipedia

READ about them...

The House of Eliott
by Jean Marsh

Left penniless after the death of their father, the independent Beatrice Eliott and her beautiful younger sister, Evangeline, brave wicked relatives, scandal, tyranny, and poverty to build a successful fashion establishment, The House of Eliott. TV tie-in.

My two-bits:
I am currently reading this and finding it a touch different than what is portrayed in the series one episodes of the tv version. It is interesting though, because you get to see more details and aspects of the main characters.

The House of Eliott:
A House at War

by Elizabeth O'Leary

On the crest of the successful 1936 season, sisters Bea and Evie place their attentions on their neglected families and loved ones, but the onset of the Second World War forces them to confront the harsh truths about their lives.

The House of Eliott:
The Anxious Years

by Edward P. Rich

To his lifelong regret, Miles Bannister loses out when Evangeline Eliott the girl he loves marries his art school classmate Daniel Page. Miles’s millionaire father retaliates by making his son a director of The House of Eliott. From part-time illustrator, Miles and his father now became the new reality in the House. To please his father Miles proceeds to become both an engineer and a ruthless ‘rags’ tycoon. Evie and Daniel leave for Paris and the bursary Daniel was awarded. Both come to espouse the liberal causes of the early thirties. As Miles flirts with the Nazis dressing their wives in clothes Evie designed, the Page’s throw themselves into the international effort to save the Spanish Republic.

Mr. Rich’s novel closes the story of The House of Eliott. Both up until the war and after, like a film noir, it is based on the real history of the nineteen thirties and the slow postwar recovery. Beatrice, her husband Jack, Evie and Daniel, Lord Alexander Montford, Penelope Maddox, Madge and Tilly, girls in the workroom, all play roles. They create one of the most endearing fashion houses in modern fiction as it survives ‘The Anxious Years.’


WATCH them...

House of Eliott (1991-1994)
Creators: Eileen Atkins, Jean Marsh
Stella Gonet as Bea
Louise Lombard as Evie
Aden Gillett as Jack

Per Acorn:

In stylish 1920s London, two beautiful sisters struggle to the top of the fashion world. Louise Lombard (Hidalgo) and Stella Gonet (Nicholas Nickleby) are Evie and Beatrice Eliott—born into wealth and privilege, made penniless by their profligate father, left with nothing but a passion for fashion.

My two-bits:
I am currently watching this series and loving it and the period piece costumes!


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