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Bright Young Things: A Modern Guide to the Roaring Twenties by Alison Maloney

Bright Young Things:
A Modern Guide to the Roaring Twenties
by Alison Maloney

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Just released: March 2013
Publisher: Potter Style
Genre: 1920s
Hardback: 128 pages
Rating: 5

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For lovers of the glamour and scandal of the roaring twenties and the millions of fans eagerly anticipating the return of Downton Abbey (the third season opens in the twenties), an illustrated lifestyle guide to the fashion, the parties, the notrious personalities, and all the glittering trappings from the unforgettable era of the flapper.

Bright Young Things is a perfect guide to the roaring twenties--hot jazz and hotter all-night dance halls, high society's scandalous exploits, fresh new fashions, Prohibition cocktails, costume parties, and of course, the notorious flapper. Decorated throughout with art deco illustrations and packaged in a beautiful foil-stamped case, this book looks stunning resting on a coffee table and makes a fabulous gift.


Table of Contents

Welcome, You Bright Young Thing

The Bright Young State of Mind
The Postwar Party
How to Be Bad: The Flapper Life
Liberated Ladies: Meet the Iconic Flappers
Learn the Lingo: The Flapper Vernacular
Across the Pond: Meet the Bright Young People
Rubbing Elbows: Meet the Mayfair Set
Host a 1920s-Themed Scavenger Hunt
Cause a Scandal: Bright Young Shenanigans
Choose a Mentor: Bright Young Influencers
Further Reading: Start Your Own Roaring Book Club

Dress Like a Bright Young Thing
The Sartorial Rebellion
Flirting with Fashion: Flapper Wardrobe Essentials and Accessories
Bright Young Faces: Bold Beauty Tips
Chop Chop!: Get Your Own Bobbed Look
Not Your Father’s Suit: Casual and Formal Looks for the Modern Man
Sporting a Bowtie: How to Properly Tie One On

Hook Up (and Get Hitched)
A Roaring View of Marriage
The Flapper Bride: What to Wear for a Trip Down the Aisle
In the Spotlight: Bright Young Celebrity Couples
Read All About It: Scandals in the Tabloids
Mad About the Boy: Homosexuality in the 1920s

Throw a Scandalous Soirée
The Never-Ending Party
Throw Your Own Bath and Bottle Party
Plan Your Own Red and White Party
Party like a Bright Young Thing: Themes for Your Next Fête

Prohibition Cocktails Guide
The First Mixologists
Criminal Behavior: Bathtub Gin and Bootleg Booze
Pick Your Poison: Intoxicating Homemade Brews
Shaken and Stirred: Mix Your Own Prohibition Cocktails

Dance All Night
The Jazz Age
Roaring ’20s Playlists: Tunes for a Big Night Out . . . and the Morning After
Dance Crazy: Learn the Steps to the Charleston
Speak Easy: The Underground Social Scene
Where to Be Seen: “It” Clubs Abroad
Come to the Cabaret
Cabarets for the Modern Flapper
Nightlife Royalty: Famous Musicians, Dancers, and Club Owners

Entertain Yourself
Entertainment and Glamour
Tinseltown: Hollywood Studios and the Silent Silver Screen
Silent Slapstick: Host a ’20s Comedy Night
Drama and Intrigue: Oscar-Worthy Dramas of the ’20s
Dashing Heroes and Mysterious Villains: 1920s Action Flicks to Get Your Heart Racing
The Jazz Singer: Enter, The Talkie
Dawn of an Animation Empire: Mickey Is Born
Who’s Your Idol?: Celebrities of the Screen and Stage

Sources and Bibliography

My two-bits:
In-a-word(s): the elephant's instep

Absolutely adorable gem of a book! Visually pleasing and fun to just flip through.

This is a mini guide that highlights things in the 1920s with lists, recipes, quotes and illustrations.

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