Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Flapper at the party: Juju

Fellow blogger, Juju of Tales of Whimsy, manages to bump into Gatsby while doing the shimmy. She wonders just WHO is this Mr. Gatsby?

MEET the first Gatsby here...

An Early Version of 'The Great Gatsby'
(The Cambridge Edition of the Works of F. Scott Fitzgerald)
by F. Scott Fitzgerald
and edited by James L. W. West III

This is the first edition ever published of Trimalchio, an early and complete version of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel The Great Gatsby.

Fitzgerald wrote the novel as Trimalchio and submitted it to Maxwell Perkins, his editor at Scribner's, who had the novel set in type and sent the galleys to Fitzgerald in France. Fitzgerald then virtually rewrote the novel in galleys, producing the book we know as The Great Gatsby.

This first version, Trimalchio, has never been published and has only been read by a handful of people. It is markedly different from The Great Gatsby: two chapters were completely rewritten for the published novel, and the rest of the book was heavily revised. Characterization is different, the narrative voice of Nick Carraway is altered and, most importantly, the revelation of Jay Gatsby's past is handled in a wholly different way.


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  1. Replies
    1. it don't mean a thing, if you don't have that swing. join us on the dance floor!

  2. Lovely dress Juju!!!

    V: Did Leo make a good fit for the movie??

    1. Yes, he was a good fit. But I didn't feel the chemistry that was supposed to be between Gatsby and Daisy. Perhaps Daisy should have been portrayed a bit older.

    2. I agree -- I wish Daisy was older -- I never got the impression in the book she was supposed to be so young/such an age difference from Gatsby!

  3. Whoot! I love this dress!
    Thank you so much for inviting to join the party and for linking to my 1920s style inspiration board on Pinterest.

  4. Cool dress Juju! I'll have to check out your Pin Board.

    I would be intrigued to read this earlier version of The Great Gatsby just to see how far it evolved.

  5. Interesting! I didn't know about this edition. >_<


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