Monday, June 25, 2012

Paris at Noon: schedule

Paris at Noon
a virtual book event
June 2012


This week we find ourselves traveling abroad.

We will visit PARIS, France!

OUI! oui!

WHO knows what wondrous things we may encounter at noon in this magical city.

HAVE you ever been?

Schedule of events:
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June 26:
Eiffel Tower: Thoughts About Paris by Blodeuedd
book featured:
Paris, My Sweet:
A year in the city of light (and dark chocolate)
by Amy Thomas
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June 27:
The Louvre: Day at the Louvre from AimeeKay
book featured:
13 Little Blue Envelopes
by Maureen Johnson
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The Anchor Book of French Quotations
by Norbert Guterman

June 28:
31 Rue Cambon: Meeting at Chanel's from Ashley

June 29:
Tour de Nesle: Paris of the Past by Claire Jenkins

June 30:
La Poste: Paris is a Writer’s Paradise from Sophia Rose
book featured:
Kissed in Paris
by Juliette Sobanet
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July 1:
Books and Nails: Paris YA theme surprise
book featured:
Anna and the French Kiss
by Stephanie Perkins (my review)
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July 2:
Paranormal Activity in Paris: An American Werewolf in Paris from K.H. Koehler
book featured:
A Werewolf in Time
by K.H. Koehler
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July 3:
The Catacombs with Karina

July 4:
The Avenue des Champs-Élysées: Fashion, Zombies, and Paris, Oh My! from E. Van Lowe
book(s) featured:
The Fashion Zombie of Marseilles by E. Van Lowe
The Zombie Always Knocks Twice by E. Van Lowe - giveaway here

July 5:
Cinema: A Monster in Paris

July 6:
Père Lachaise Cemetery: Ysabel's Tale from Prue Batten
book featured:
Book of Pawns
by Prue Batten
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July 8: Giveaways for part 1 end

July 9:
St. Germain: A Beautiful Walk with John Baxter (my review)
book featured:
The Most Beautiful Walk in the World:
A Pedestrian in Paris
by John Baxter
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July 10:
On the balcony: Tea, tartelettes, and a mysterious countess from Sasha Soren
book(s) featured:

Random Magic
by Sasha Soren

France, A Love Story:
Women Write About the French Experience
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July 11:
Announcement: winners for giveaways part 1

July 12:
Books and Nails: from Bridget Howard
book featured:
Until I Die
by Amy Plum

July 15: Giveaways for part 2 end

July 16:

July 31: Giveaways for part 3 end

Announcement: winners for giveaways


FOR NOW: enjoy this short video...

Madame Goes to Paris
Illustrated by Tadahiro Uesugi
Music by Marc Shaiman - song "Girls Night Out"
and Werner Drexler with "Velvet Piano"
Durosier takes us to Paris with the very chic Madame. Follow her around town as she walks, shops and visits a French Cafe.


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* event badge image source Parc Monceau, Paris by Claude Monet

* event theme was partially inspired by the film, Midnight in Paris (2011)

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