Thursday, April 19, 2012

Joust: Old vs. New

And now, the first JOUST for contestants of the giveaway...

This joust is between OLD and NEW illustrations of a fairy tale known as Rapunzel.

In comments, answer me this...

DO you prefer old illustrations to contemporary versions?


- vs -

Rapunzel -old
from Household Stories
from the Collection
of the Brothers Grimm
and Lucy Crane
Rapunzel -new
by Brothers Grimm
and Paul O. Zelinsky


* part of Joust Book Giveaway

* image source joust

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  1. I prefer the new. They capture my attention.

  2. I prefer the old illustrations.

  3. Yeah, I'm going with the old illustrations, mostly because I think *wood cut* designs are one of my favorite forms of art :D

  4. I really like both old and new fairytale art/illustrations. But I'll go with new since I read a lot of fairytale books with illustrations by Kinuko Y. Craft as a kid.

  5. Old. Woodcut illustrations are always extremely whimsical to me. I've seen them in so many of my favorite books growing up.

  6. Do I really have to choose? >_< They are both extremely beautiful in their own way. I can't compare them. ><
    It's a draw! :P

  7. The detail in the old is incredible.


  8. The new is beautiful and of course I love the colors, but I'm going to have to go with the old. I'm a sucker for old stuff.

  9. That depends, but in general I prefer old illustrations, I could study some originals by Durero and these are incredible.

  10. I prefer the old one it just seems to fit the fairy tale better!!!

  11. I prefer the new one. I like the colors :)

  12. I think both versions have their merit.
    I love color but I also like classic and romantic figures better than some new interpretations.

  13. I actually prefer the new,

    more colours


  14. I prefer the artistry of the first one, but which it was in color LOL Art is so subjective isn't it?

  15. totally not fair. Can you really compare the two? I love the detail in the old. But I'll agree the color in the new draws the eye quicker.

    I'll say the old...


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