Monday, October 4, 2021

Victober 2021

October 1-31, 2021
A Victorian literature themed readathon
hosted by Katie @Books and Things | Lucy @lucythereader | Kate @KateHowe
Victober Goodreads Group | List of Victorian authors on Victorian web
Spinster's Library Victorian Ladies Music Playlist (here)


The Challenges: Below are my possibilities...

Lucy’s Challenge: Read a Victorian novel with a female main character.
Aurora Floyd
by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Classic, Victorian | Published: 2009 (first 1863) | Goodreads

Katie’s Challenge: Read a Victorian novel set in the countryside and/or the city.
The Moonstone
by Wilkie Collins
Classic, Mystery, Victorian | Published: 1998 (first 1868) | Goodreads

Kate’s Challenge: Read a Victorian sensation novel.
Woman in White
by Wilkie Collins
Classic, Mystery, Horror, Victorian | Published: 2005 (first 1859) | Goodreads

Group Challenge: Read a popular Victorian novel.
by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
Classic, Gothic, Horror, Vampires, Victorian | Published: 2013 (first 1872) | Goodreads

Bonus Challenge: Read aloud a section of a Victorian novel or have it read aloud to you via a friend or an audiobook.

Lady Audley’s Secret
by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Classic, Mystery, Victorian | Published: 2012 (first 1862) | Goodreads

Read aloud: poetry
The Lady of Shallot
by Alfred Tennyson
painting by John William Waterhouse

Group Read:
Gothic Tales
by Elizabeth Gaskell
Short Stories, Gothic, Horror, Victorian | Published: 2000 | Goodreads


* image header source: from @KateHowe


  1. What a fun challenge theme. I've read a few. Gothic Tales looks perfect for the season.

  2. What a lovely challenge, with the exception of the audiobook element, as I really don't enjoy being read to and never have done!

    I keep trying to put aside time to read my way through some of the 'classic' books, but I'm afraid that time is always against me.

    I wonder which books from today's contemporary authors will be deemed 'classics' in a few years time?

    If your team enjoy classic books written by female authors, there is a great publisher called 'Persephone Books' who have this as their mission and at their heart. They only have a relatively small number of titles in their portfolio, although they are adding to this all the time, but there are some quality titles amongst them!

    Good Luck with the challenge and Happy Reading :)


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