Monday, October 4, 2021

Victober 2021

October 1-31, 2021
A Victorian literature themed readathon
hosted by Katie @Books and Things | Lucy @lucythereader | Kate @KateHowe
Victober Goodreads Group | List of Victorian authors on Victorian web
Spinster's Library Victorian Ladies Music Playlist (here)


The Challenges: Below are my possibilities...

Lucy’s Challenge: Read a Victorian novel with a female main character.
Aurora Floyd
by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Classic, Victorian | Published: 2009 (first 1863) | Goodreads

Katie’s Challenge: Read a Victorian novel set in the countryside and/or the city.
The Moonstone
by Wilkie Collins
Classic, Mystery, Victorian | Published: 1998 (first 1868) | Goodreads

Kate’s Challenge: Read a Victorian sensation novel.
Woman in White
by Wilkie Collins
Classic, Mystery, Horror, Victorian | Published: 2005 (first 1859) | Goodreads

Group Challenge: Read a popular Victorian novel.
by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
Classic, Gothic, Horror, Vampires, Victorian | Published: 2013 (first 1872) | Goodreads

Bonus Challenge: Read aloud a section of a Victorian novel or have it read aloud to you via a friend or an audiobook.

Lady Audley’s Secret
by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Classic, Mystery, Victorian | Published: 2012 (first 1862) | Goodreads

Read aloud: poetry
The Lady of Shallot
by Alfred Tennyson
painting by John William Waterhouse

Group Read:
Gothic Tales
by Elizabeth Gaskell
Short Stories, Gothic, Horror, Victorian | Published: 2000 | Goodreads


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