Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Japanese Readathon June

Japanese Readathon June
hosted by @jplitreadathon

Dates: June 11th-13th, your own timezone

What Did You Eat Yesterday?
volume 1
by Fumi Yoshinaga
Manga, LGBTQ, Food | Published: 2014 | Goodreads | my rating: 4
cute couple and includes recipes

Dates: June 14th-20th, your own timezone


1. free choice

2. Pride Month celebration: book/author with LGBTQIA+ representation (if you're unsure where to look for, here's a Goodreads list that might help you out in picking up a book for this prompt (here) or search "Japanese LGBTQ+ literature (translated to English)" in Goodreads Lists search

June: Real World
by Natsuo Kirino
translated by Philip Gabriel
Mystery, Horror, Japan | Published: 2008 (first 2003) | Goodreads | my rating: tba
a couple LGBTQ characters included
3. group pick:
The Sound of Waves
by Yukio Mishima
Literary, Classic, Japan | Published: 1956 | Goodreads | my rating: 5


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