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Lovely Books and Things - 4.26.20

Lovely Books and Things
My Weekly Books and Films Update

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1. Sparkles - gold glitter nail polish

2. The Catch and Kill podcast hosted by Ronan Farrow (here) - great supplement to Ronan's book with interviews with people mentioned in the book and a post Weinstein trial episode

3. Eye candy - Balboa theatre getting creative and colorful with their boarded up front doors



Long Bright River
by Liz Moore
-Mystery, Thriller | Goodreads

Virtual Author event: hosted by Green Apple Books

How Much of These Hills Is Gold
by C Pam Zhang
-Historical, Literary, China | Goodreads

Virtual Author event: hosted by SF Public library

by Carrie Vaughn
-Speculative Fiction | Goodreads

AND watched: on Netflix

Tiger King (2020)
Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness (original title)
tv mini-series
Stars: Carole Baskin, Joe Exotic, Bhagavan Antle
-Documentary, Crime | imdb | my rating: 5

A rivalry between big cat eccentrics takes a dark turn when Joe Exotic, a controversial animal park boss, is caught in a murder-for-hire plot.

LIKE most, I got drawn into this. Left with mixed feelings.

Make your own Tiger King and Cub
by craftyiscoolcrochet (details)

Crip Camp (2020)
Directors: James Lebrecht, Nicole Newnham
-Documentary | imdb | my rating: 5

Down the road from Woodstock, a revolution blossomed at a ramshackle summer camp for teenagers with disabilities, transforming their lives and igniting a landmark movement.

CAPTIVATING bit of history.

AND watched: SFFILM screening (with Director Q&A) - some of these are not yet available to view, but be on the lookout for these goodies

Pangu (2020)
Director: Shaofu Zhang
-Animation, Short | my rating: 5

Based on the ancient Chinese creation myth, Pangu is a modern tale about parenthood and the differences between generations. Pangu creates a rigid world of angular shapes, but there’s just one problem: his son sees the world as curves.

Grab My Hand: (2020)
A Letter to My Dad
Director: Camrus Johnson
-Animation, Short | my rating: 5

Grab My Hand is a personal story of grief, those we look up to, and how the interactions we may deem insignificant may play a huge part in how we live our lives.This beautiful animated short, is director Camrus Johnson's gift to his grieving father and a message to all to cherish every second you have with loved ones while you still can.

Loch Ness Swim (2020)
Director: Sean Gillane
-Documentary, Short, Swim | my rating: 5

Ultramarathon swimmer Patti Baurnfeind has conquered the English Channel, Cook Strait, and Monterey Bay, finding inspiration for these physically demanding swims through various social causes. As she trains to cross Loch Ness in Scotland, her motivation takes a personal and transformative turn in this inspiring and intimate short documentary from Bay Area filmmaker Sean Gillane.

CHECK this out...

My French Film Festival
stay-at-home version
available free through April 27 (here)


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  1. I LOVE Banerless and the followup The Wild Dead. Carrie Vaughn has been a favorite author for awhile.

    Stay safe and be well!

    Anne - Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

  2. The theater doors are great. I love that the authors are doing these virtual events. I must check out the French film festival.

    Have a great week!

  3. Bannerless looks good, I will check it out. I have watched Tiger King, but everyone is talking about it. All the virtual opportunities are neat. I try to explore a little each week.

  4. Oh my gosh Tiger King- I got sucked into watching that too. Definitely had mixed feelings afterwards!

  5. I am curious about Bannerless...and that Tiger King and Cub are so cute.

    It's interesting how the world seems to jump in and try to make our "new times" seem normal, even exciting.

    I like the boarded up theater.

    Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog. Stay safe.

  6. Yes to gold glitter nail polish! And Tiger King is all over the place. I love the crocheted version lol. Too cute.
    Enjoy your reading this week, Bannerless looks good.
    Be well.

  7. I enjoyed Long Bright River. I watched the first few minutes of Tiger King and just couldn't do it. I might give it a second look someday. Stay safe and happy reading!

  8. Tiger King is an interesting show....I was hooked.

  9. omg that little crochet tiger king is so funny! I definitely got hooked on that show. When my husband first put it on I was like " this is stupid " then we finished the whole thing in one day lol

  10. Yay for happy things! We watched Tiger King a couple weeks ago - that crochet is too funny! I've heard good things about Long Bright River. I keep meaning to get on the library wait list. Thanks for the reminder! ;) Stay safe!


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