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Mr. Flood's Last Resort by Jess Kidd

Mr. Flood's Last Resort
by Jess Kidd

Published: 2018
Publisher: Atria Books
Genre: Mystery, Magical Realism, Ireland
Hardback: 252
Rating: 5

First sentence(s):
He has a curious way of moving through his rubbish.

Maud Drennan is a dedicated caregiver whose sunny disposition masks a deep sadness. A tragic childhood event left her haunted, in the company of a cast of prattling saints who pop in and out of her life like tourists. Other than visiting her agoraphobic neighbor, Maud keeps to herself, finding solace in her work and in her humble existence–until she meets Mr. Flood.

Cathal Flood is a menace by all accounts. The lone occupant of a Gothic mansion crawling with feral cats, he has been waging war against his son’s attempts to put him into an old-age home and sent his last caretaker running for the madhouse. But Maud is this impossible man’s last chance: if she can help him get the house in order, he just might be able to stay. So the unlikely pair begins to cooperate, bonding over their shared love of Irish folktales and mutual dislike of Mr. Flood’s overbearing son.

Still, shadows are growing in the cluttered corners of the mansion, hinting at buried family secrets, and reminding Maud that she doesn’t really know this man at all. When the forgotten case of a missing schoolgirl comes to light, she starts poking around, and a full-steam search for answers begins.

My two-bits:
Loved the paranormal (ghosts) and mystery mix.

The characters were quirky, colorful and fun to follow through this story.

PeekAbook: Loved the illustrations at the chapter headings


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