Friday, February 9, 2018

Dear Cyborgs by Eugene Lim

Dear Cyborgs
by Eugene Lim
narrated by Feodor Chin

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Published: 2017
Publisher: FSG Originals
Genre: SciFi
Paperback: 176
Rating: 3

First sentence(s):
This is in Ohio.

In a small Midwestern town, two Asian American boys bond over their outcast status and a mutual love of comic books. Meanwhile, in an alternative or perhaps future universe, a team of superheroes ponder modern society during their time off. Between black-ops missions and rescuing hostages, they swap stories of artistic malaise and muse on the seemingly inescapable grip of market economics.

Gleefully toying with the conventions of the novel, Dear Cyborgs weaves together the story of a friendship’s dissolution with a provocative and timely meditation on protest. Through a series of linked monologues, a lively cast of characters explores narratives of resistance―protest art, eco-terrorists, Occupy squatters, pyromaniacal militants―and the extent to which any of these can truly withstand and influence the cold demands of contemporary capitalism. All the while, a mysterious cybernetic book of clairvoyance beckons, and trusted allies start to disappear.

Entwining comic-book villains with cultural critiques, Eugene Lim’s Dear Cyborgs is a fleet-footed literary exploration of power, friendship, and creativity. Ambitious and knowing, it combines detective pulps, subversive philosophy, and Hollywood chase scenes, unfolding like the composites and revelations of a dream.

My two-bits:

This sort of reads likes a set of short stories. I liked parts here and there, but did not really get a sense of the whole of it.


* Listened to audiobook version.

* part of Tournament of Books 2018 (here)

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