Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Take Control of Your TBR Pile Challenge

Take Control of Your TBR Pile Challenge
Begins midnight March 1st, 2017 and ends March 31, 2017 at 11:59 pm
sponsored by Caffeinated Book Reviewer (details)


A great way to make a dent in the good old TBR pile!



1. I plan to at least squeeze 2 books into this month's schedule.

2. Do some bookshelf organizing while I am picking out a stack of possible reads.

3. Join the 24-hour TBR read-a-thon on Saturday, March 18th

Done pile:

Bad Girls Throughout History:
100 Remarkable Women Who Changed the World
by Ann Shen
Amazon | Goodreads | my review

The Vegetarian
by Han Kang
-Literary, Korea
Man Booker International Prize 2016
Powells | Amazon | Goodreads | my review


  1. Hey! I'll be doing this and the readathon with you. :) Cheering you on, Velvet!

  2. What a great challenge! My TBR pile is out of control...

  3. That's a good idea, and it's always fun to (re)organize the book shelves. Must confess tho, I've got several massive anthologies I'm hording away for a dry spell/rainy day lol - The Complete Works of Ray Bradbury just to name two - so currently am working my way through fiction novels but then get sidetracked when new goodies show up (or whilst browsing Project Gutenberg).

    Hope you & Sophia have fun with this TBR challenge <3


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