Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts - 4.14.16

Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts
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A meme to share some food and/or drink quotes found in current reads.

The Invisible Guardian
by Dolores Redondo
-Mystery, Thriller, Spain
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The flour had not led them anywhere, and if the suspect had not bought the txantxigorris locally, where did that leave them? Flora had told her they they were definitely baked in a stone oven, but that wasn't much help either. Almost all the restaurants and rotisseries from Pamplona to Zugarramurdi had one, and that was without counting those that were still found at bakeries and the older farmhouses, albeit sometimes unused.
-chapter 35, page 266 (ARC)

The sweet treat, txantxigorri, plays an important role and is mentioned numerous times in this story. I had to google it as I was unfamiliar with it.

One of the ingredients includes pork rinds which is curious for a sweet treat. So, now I am craving it and wanting to give it a taste. I may have to take a trip to Spain for a sample ;-)


* image source: txantxigorris from The small world of Esti (here)


  1. Yes, that is different. I love reading books set in another culture and particularly when they mention the food. :)

  2. I do love it when a novel talks about food :)


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