Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Book of Yes by Sarah Von Bargen

The Book of Yes
by Sarah Von Bargen

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Just released: January 2016
Publisher: self
Genre: How-to, Inspiration
Rating: 5

The Book Of Yes is 51 pages of checklists, tips, and journaling prompts that will help you:

Travel more
Meet more people + strengthen your friendships
Be more intentional with your spending
Stop dating the wrong people
Treat yourself (in ways that don't involve shopping or food)
Actually enjoy winter
Get what you want

My two-bits:

This is a handy dandy guide to planning some life activities during the winter season.

I really liked this guidebook - maybe because I am a list person. Along with intro text, interactive lists were provided in each chapter to motivate and move things along.

Although I went through it, I plan to do it again in December for the next winter season.


* gift copy courtesy of author

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