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Inventing Madness by J.G. Schwartz

Inventing Madness
by J.G. Schwartz

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Published: 2014
Publisher: Schwartz Publishing
Genre: Historical
Paperback: 366 pages
Rating: 4

Two months ago, in April 1931, the world's most famous inventor, Thomas Alva Edison, asked me if I would be interested in writing his biography. I accepted the offer.

Inventing Madness is a fictional account of Thomas Edison's rise to fame and fortune through the use of murder and magic. It intertwines actual dates and events that occurred during Edison's life.

The story begins when Edison is 84 years old, in 1931, and is told in a series of seven interviews conducted by a science reporter from The New York Times.

Although the public was made to believe Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla were bitter enemies, Inventing Madness unveils their true friendship and reveals the amazing invention that was created based on their collaboration.

Inventing Madness is the story of one of the most famous men in history. It is full of cruel deaths, seances, poisonings, blackmail and trickery.

The book is a thought-provoking fictional account of Thomas Edison's life - The Thomas Edison we never knew...

My two-bits:

Interesting premise that had me going in that it could have very well happened that way... in a way. However, the Edison character is portrayed very creepy yet resourceful and quite the businessman.

The story is told in an biography interview format that starts in Edison's childhood. With the description of Edison's mother, one can see how Edison came to be that creepy character. It was scary to think that as a child Edison's unusual tendencies began. Got me thinking in general, if found out what could be done in dealing with kids like that.

Note: Besides enjoying the beauty of Foxglove, I now am aware of its deadly properties.


* review copy courtesy publisher

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  1. A creepy Edison? I'm actually intrigued. I've read a couple books told as bios like this and it adds a nice touch so I'm into the possibility more.


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