Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Crudrat by Gail Carriger

by Gail Carriger
Read by J. Daniel Sawyer, Veronica Giguere, and 20 others
Original score by Danny Schade

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Audio cd released: August 2015
Publisher: Artistic Whispers Production
Genre: SciFi, Aliens, YA
Rating: 4

Welcome to Wheel: a perfect world without poverty, disease, or want. Tinkered and tuned in every way for maximum order by Rank and Spoke, every child knows her destiny. So long as she can take the neural implant.

The defective, whose bodies reject the implants, do not exist. Ghosts. Cyphers. Haunting the edges of society, living on scraps, killed for sport. A lucky few, the Crudrats, scrape out a perilous living cleaning the toxic wastes from the great machines that power the station.

Meet Maura. Cypher. Crudrat. Grown too tall, alone in a spaceport with no use for her, doomed to starve. With only her crud-eating murmel and an alien monster to help her, she must find a way to survive, or escape, before they catch her and blow what’s left of her life, and her companions, into space.

From the pen of Gail Carriger, Artistic Whispers Productions presents an unabridged full-cast young-adult adventure that brings golden age-style science fiction into the 21st century, stuffs it full of heart, and gives it a finely polished, gleaming edge.

My two-bits:

I found this full of action and aliens in a sci-fi world with snippy and snarky dialogue that made for fun listening.

The language and slang in this world made this story special, light-hearted and entertaining.


* listened to the audio version

fyi: Crudrat was printed as a limited run, numbered, special edition, signed, hard cover book. This was available only to specific Kickstarter backers as a reward. It is not for sale to the general public. Currently, Gail has no plans to produce this book in print for purchase.

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