Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Happy Release: The Secrets of Love and Death by E. Van Lowe and Sal Conte (with giveaway)

The Secrets of Love and Death
by E. Van Lowe and Sal Conte
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Theo “Turtle” Dawson is overweight, under-confident and unloved, that is until the arrival of Turtle’s new classmate, feisty Rita Calderon. It’s springtime in Foster City, and young love between the teenage couple begins to bloom, until...

...Turtle’s best friend, big brother returns from the grave. At least that’s what A.D. wants Turtle to believe. Is A.D. really back among the living, or is Turtle going loony-bin crazy? And if Turtle’s loving brother has returned, why is he asking Turtle to do such murderous things? "The Secrets of Love and Death" is a ghostly tale of romance and horror, memories, and murder.

“'The Secrets of Love and Death' will tug on your heartstrings while simultaneously scaring the pants off you. A triumphant coming-of-age tale with a dash of the supernatural and a twist of gritty horror, 'The Secrets of Love and Death' may be Van Lowe’s best novel yet!” –Anabelle Blume, author of "Frozen Heart" and "Melted Tears."

“E. Van Lowe and his dark twin, Sal Conte, dig deep in 'The Secrets of Love and Death' and come up with emotional gold. Not for the faint of heart, 'The Secrets of Love and Death' will grab you by the throat and not let go until the horror-filled, page-turning ending.” - John Lansing, author of the bestselling thrillers, "The Devil’s Necktie" and "Blond Cargo"

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