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The Curse of Van Gogh by Paul Hoppe


The Curse of Van Gogh
by Paul Hoppe

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Just released: July 29, 2014
Publisher: SparkPress
Genre: Art, Thriller
Paperback: 344 pages
Rating: 3.5

The Curse of Van Gogh
Chasing Mona Lisa - tba

Tyler Sears, art thief, just released from a Federal prison, vows never again. He slides into a simple life bartending in NYC until one day an invitation arrives to the hottest art event of the season, where Tyler meets Komate Imasu, famed art collector.

Suddenly Tyler's vows of abstinence slip away as Imasu uses threats against Tyler's family. Tyler quickly learns that gambling against a ruthless billionaire is never a good idea.

Forgetting his own safety, Tyler plunges headfirst into a world of art forgers, hit men, Yakuza, a femme fatale named Chanel N°5, and the hideous curse of van Gogh, in order to pull off...the greatest art heist in history.

Zombie sighting:
"Please understand, the medication was used as a tool to pacify your brother. I know you think we turned him into a zombie, but he already was one when he walked through the doors. Our concern all along has been to keep him from harming himself, and as I said to eliminate the horrible nightmares."
-chapter 26, page 149

My two-bits:

While it was interesting to learn a bit about the art world and art forgery, this book took awhile for me to get into. I felt the story was slow paced until the last quarter of the book. Also although the main characters were likable, they were not very interesting to follow.

It would have been interesting to read more on the doings of Van Gogh's curse besides the one story presented.

However, the book ends with a doozy - in a good way.


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