Monday, April 22, 2013

On A Sea Voyage: end credits

On A Sea Voyage
a virtual book event
April 14-21, 2013

Thank you dear readers for joining me for this virtual book event.

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At Drake's Command
The adventures of Peregrine James
during the second circumnavigation of the world
(Volume 1)
by David Wesley Hill

by Ciye Cho

Seven Locks
by Christine Wade

The Shifu Cloth
by Prue Batten

by Brian Kimberling


And for one last time, let us lift of our spyglass for one last look.

Land ho!!!!!

Birds, birds and more birds

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A great, hilarious new voice in fiction: the poignant, all-too-human recollections of an affable bird researcher in backwater Indiana as he goes through a disastrous yet heartening love affair with the place and its people.

Nathan Lochmueller studies birds for just enough money to live and learn on. He drives a glitter-festooned truck, the Gypsy Moth, and he is in love with Lola, a woman so free-spirited and mysterious she can break a man's heart with a sigh or a shrug.

Around them swirls a remarkable cast of characters: the proprietor of Fast Eddie's Burgers, the genius behind "Thong Thursdays," Uncle Dart, a Texan who brings his swagger to Indiana with profound and nearly devastating results; a snapping turtle with a taste for thumbs, a German Shepherd who howls backup vocals, and the very charismatic state of Indiana itself.

And at the centre of it all: Nathan, creeping through the forest to observe the birds he loves, and coming to terms with the accidental turns his life has taken.

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