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At Drake's Command by David Wesley Hill

At Drake's Command
The Adventures of Peregrine James
During the Second Circumnavigation of the World
by David Wesley Hill

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Published: April 2013
Publisher: Temurlone Press
Genre: Adventure, Historical
Paperback: 426 pages
Rating: 5

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At Drake's Command
Desperate Bankrupts - tba
Beyond Dreams of Avarice - tba

My two-bits:
In-a-word(s): chin up, lad
Enjoyable read of life at sea!

Because he is a young man and new to sailing and the sea, I loved following the main character, Perry, on his various adventures and learning about a sailor's life and survival during the 1500's.

There's a batch of colorful characters as most sea tales include which make for interesting encounters. How Perry handles himself and lessons he learns in dealings were quite amusing at times.

Looking forward to reading more of this series. And if you didn't already, check out an excerpt from book 2 here which gets into some mermaid lore.

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