Thursday, October 18, 2012

Something Amiss at Pemberley: end credits

Something Amiss at Pemberley
a virtual book event
October 14-18, 2012

Thank you dear readers for joining me for this virtual book event.

Although we leave Pemberley today, Jane Austen's presence continues at vvb32 reads a few more times this month.

Please note all giveaways end October 31, 2011 unless specified otherwise.

THANKS TO: Authors, Publicists and Publishers for Book Giveaways & Guest posts

Alexa Adams

Enid Wilson

Sally Smith O'Rourke

Special thanks to sponsor:

MAD of Mary Ann DeBorde Writes (and Reads!)

Special thanks to fellow bloggers:

Freda of Freda's Voice

Giada of of Dr. Stravagante’s Traveling Book Circus


* PicMonkey was used for some graphics creations for this event.

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  1. Thank you for this lovely event, Velvet! And thank you to everyone who contributed! :D

  2. Huzzah! <3

    Thank you Lady Vii, and Esteemed Company, for another rousing turn at dear Pemberley! Oh, wait ... good heavens ... has anyone seen my flask of elixir? Or a mechanical spider hereabouts? ...

  3. It was fun. Thanks Velvet and everyone for contributing.

  4. I did enjoy the visit. I hope to return to Pemberley sometime soon.

  5. No thank you for having such wonderful and fun events! You are a gem lady Vee. :-)


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