Saturday, October 6, 2012

Keep Calm: Zombies in Hollywood

zombie edition

E. Van Lowe, author of Never Slow Dance With A Zombie, released a new zombie book in August...

The Zombie Always Knocks Twice
Hollyweird: Book 1 (Volume 1)
By E. Van Lowe

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Hollywood, California, is known for swimming pools, movie stars…and now the risen dead.

Hollywood can be a difficult place to grow up, especially if you’re Kristine Golden, a fifteen-year-old necromancer with a sworn duty to lay the risen dead back to rest and no desire to be in the movie business.

When handsome deadie Alex Romero swaggers into her life, Kris must keep her promise, despite her growing feelings for him. If that’s not enough to give a girl a headache, a murderous zombie comes knocking at Kris’s door, rocking her world and threatening her family.

Can Kris solve the mystery of the rampaging zombie before someone else winds up dead? Or will the walking dead take over Hollywood and turn it into…Hollyweird?

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  1. I found out that E. Van Lowe sold his first short story to a romance magazine, while in college.

  2. I learned he has an unusual first name- Ehrich, but goes by E.

  3. E. has written for many award winning TV shows, like The Cosby Show and Even Stevens.

    Thanks for the giveaway! It's been awhile since I stopped by. I finally subscribed via email so I wouldn't miss your posts. =O)

  4. How could I not have known that E writes under the name of Sal Conte, too!! I feel terrible because I love E's books :) Now that I know I will be adding Sal's books to my TBR list as well as E's!

    It's been awhile since I've been by, too, but I'm so glad I came back during the best month of the year because you have the most awesome October giveaways!!

    jwitt33 at live dot com

  5. I learned that he wrote for the Cosby Show which I loved!!! I would love to read this book.

    pefrw at yahoo dot com

  6. Love that he says he writes with a "splash of humor" :)


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