Saturday, December 10, 2011

Romancing Christmas Giveaway HOP

The Romancing Christmas Giveaway Hop
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Dating Mr. December
by Phillipa Ashley

Chapter 1

'Excuse me, love,' said the bearded man in the front row, ever so politely, 'did you say naked?'

Emma Tremayne clutched her folder of proposals tighter and smiled a smile that went no further than her cherry-scented lip gloss. 'That's right, Bob. Naked.'

Bob, bald, ruddy-faced, and fifty-something, nodded as if she'd just confirmed the price of a cheese scone in the local café. 'You mean without any clothes on?' murmured a whippet-like lad whom Emma recognized as a local builder. 'That's the general idea of a nude calendar, Jason, yes.' Smiling sweetly, she fixed her eyes on him, then regretted it as a blush spread to the roots of his hair, competing with his red curls for color.

Now that was odd, she thought, as a dozen faces tried terribly hard not to look in her direction. If she'd known how easy it was to turn a roomful of hard-bitten men into quivering jellies, she'd have tried it years ago. Unfortunately, right now it was exactly what she didn't want.

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