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Lovely Books and Things - 6.19.22

Lovely Books and Things
My Weekly Books and Films Update

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1. Yerba Buena Gardens free outdoor summer Saturday shows (here)
2. Cello/vocal performance by Theresa Wong, artist-in-residence at the San Francisco Asian Art museum (here)
3. Stroll through Golden Gate Park's Japanese Tea Garden

Library: audiobook
The Cruelest Month
by Louise Penny
Mystery, Canada | Published: 2007 | Goodreads

Mustique Island
by Sarah McCoy
Historical, 1970s, Women's Fiction | Published: 2022 | Goodreads

For Review:
In Our Blood
by Caitlin Billings
Memoir, Mental Health, LGBTQ | Published: 2022 | Goodreads


Virtual Author event: hosted by Book Passage
See archive of this (here)
Just by Looking at Him
by Ryan O'Connell
Contemporary, Romance, LGBTQ | Published: 2022 | Goodreads

Virtual Author event: hosted by Green Apple Books
Check out their calendar for future free author events (here)
See archive of this (here)
Cult Classic
by Sloane Crosly
Mystery, Thriller, Magical Realism | Published: 2022 | Goodreads

Virtual Author event: hosted by A Wonderful World Book Club from The Human Impacts Institute
See archive of this (here)
Things You Can Do:
How to Fight Climate Change and Reduce Waste

by Eduardo GarcĂ­a
illustrated by Sara Boccaccini Meadows
Nonfiction, Science, Environment | Published: 2022 | Goodreads


AND watched: theatre
Brian and Charles (2022)
Director: Jim Archer
Writer: David Earl, Chris Hayward
Stars: David Earl, Chris Hayward, Louise Brealey
Comedy | imdb | my rating: 5
ahhh, the imagination

After a particularly harsh winter Brian goes into a deep depression; completely isolated and with no one to talk to, Brian does what any sane person would do when faced with such a melancholic situation. He builds a robot.

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  1. It is so nice walking through the garden and just outdoors in general.
    Have a great week.

  2. Your happy things would make me happy too! I sure would like to visit SF soon, especially the Asian museum.

    best... mae at

  3. The Yerba Buena Gardens free outdoor summer Saturday shows sounds wonderful. We had a great time in San Francisco when we visited there.

    I will look for more about Things You Can Do: How to Fight Climate Change and Reduce Waste.

  4. I love walking through gardens too. Enjoy your books and have a good week!

  5. I went to the Japanese Tea Garden a couple of times as a kid, but I haven't been there in years. Glad you enjoyed it.

  6. What a pretty garden. Looking forward to summer and all the outdoor jaunts.

    The Cruelest Month sounds good. Brian and Charles sounds a bit quirky, but I might give it a shot.

    Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a nice week.

  7. That tea garden looks gorgeous!!!

  8. Your photo of the tea garden is gorgeous. I also enjoy walking through gardens.

  9. That garden look beautiful!
    I've seen Just by Looking at Him at the store and it intrigues me. Have a great week and happy reading!

  10. Golden Gate Park's Japanese Tea Garden is gorgeous. Even though I've been to San Francisco several times and I always visit the bridges, I've actually never been to Golden Gate Park. I'd love to go at some point.

    My Sunday Post

  11. That tea garden looks amazing. Would love to visit there.

  12. I love cello music and the garden pic is lovely!
    Mary @Bookfan

  13. Hmm- I started a post but it disappeared. Anyway- I like your lovely garden picture. I have always liked botanical and tea gardens.
    Cult Classic and Things You Can Do sound interesting to me.
    Hope you have a good week and Happy Reading!

  14. I haven't walked through the Japanese Tea Garden in years, but I remember loving the tranquility there. I love cello music so neat you got to listen at the art museum.

    Have a good week!


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