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Lovely Books and Things - 1.30.22

Lovely Books and Things
My Weekly Books and Films Update

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1. Learning about scorpions of California from scientist, Lauren Esposito (here)
2. Awesome finds at the local thrift shop
3. Googly eyes

The Tale of Genji
by Murasaki Shikibu
translated by Royall Tyler
illustrated by Minora Sugai
Classics, Historical, Japan | Published: 2003 (first 1001) | Goodreads
for Zusetsu Japan in January book club (details)

Library: audiobook
by Sayaka Murata
translated by Ginny Tapley Takemori
Horror, Japan | Published: 2020 (first 2018) | Goodreads

Year of Wonder: Classical Music for Every Day
by Clemency Burton-Hill
History, Classical Music | Published: 2017 | Goodreads

Freebies: gift from friend -thanks!
Ready Player Two
by Ernest Cline
SciFi | Published: 2020 | Goodreads

Virtual Author event: hosted by The Poisoned Pen
See archive of this (here)

The Accomplice
by Lisa Lutz
Mystery, Thriller | Published: 2022 | Goodreads

Virtual Author event: hosted by Murder By The Book
See archive of this (here)

A Flicker in the Dark
by Stacy Willingham
Thriller, Mystery | Published: 2022 | Goodreads


AND currently listening: podcast
The Dropout (2019, 2022)
hosted by Rebecca Jarvis
produced by ABC News, Taylor Dunn, Victoria Thompson, and Rebecca Jarvis
Investigative journalism, true crime | website

This follows the story of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos.


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  1. The Tale of Genji is a challenging read (though the translation can make it easier). I think it's worth reading, though, to see how incredibly different that time & place were to our current reality.

    best... mae at

  2. Year of Wonder sounds amazing. I have been meaning to read Earthlings. I enjoy the quirky characters created by some Japanese writers.

    Awesome thrift store finds always make a week better!

    Happy reading!

  3. I've heard good things about The Dropout!

  4. Some interesting books on your list. I hope you enjoy them and have a great week!

  5. My daughter and I used to love to thrift shop. Especially when our clothes sizes were changing. We don't go out like that these days, but our neighborhood has a buy nothing group where you can find all kinds of things and ask for things. That's where I got the small microwave we used during our kitchen renovation.

    Anne - Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  6. They eyes on the door made me laugh out loud - so cute! Hope you enjoy your reading this week.

  7. Oh, that's cute.

    "Earthlings" lol

    I read one of Lisa Lutz' books and quite liked it.

  8. I bought Year of Wonder last year and was hit-or-miss about remembering to read/listen to it every day. I did love it so I'm giving it another try this year. Do you know there's a Spotify playlist? I just find the songs on YouTube because I don't pay for Spotify but if you have it, that's a great resource.

    Enjoy your week!

  9. Year of Wonder looks interesting. I like looking up different composers and listening to their music on YouTube.

    Do you have a favorite classical music composer?
    I like anything by Tchaikovsky and Chopin's Nocturnes is nice.

  10. I love that door with the googly eyes. Haha! I am really curious about Earthlings. Your mention of Lisa Lutz reminded me I have been wanting to read more by her. I hope you have a great week and enjoy your reading.

  11. Good to see you are also enjoying some awesome Japanese books!
    Ready Player Two is just as awesome as Ready Player One, though I think they are even better as audiobooks!

  12. I would have loved to have joined in with the group read of Genji. It's too bad I didn't hear about it sooner.

    I made my way through Year of Wonder a while back, reading a little and listening to the playlist on Spotify. Now I'm doing the same with Another Year of Wonder. It's wonderful, too.

  13. I have my eye on the googly eyes and The Accomplice!

  14. Some interesting books included this week. I’ve been a bit hit and miss with translated books. I hope you enjoy yours.

  15. I am a fan of the thrift shops although I rarely shop anymore. I like the googly eyes!
    Looks like you got some interesting books this week. Enjoy!


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