Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Jane-austenesque 2021

Jane-austenesque 2021
doing things Jane Austen related
* read - watch - listen - craft - puzzle - etc. *

JANUARY: watch
Lady Susan: Facts are Such Horrid Things!
(online zoom storytelling)
Lady Susan adapted by Bettye Dew and performed by members of the Saint Louis Metropolitan Region on December 4, 2020 - the video will be available for 90 days, until March 4, 2021 (here)

Young Filmmakers Contest
Jane Austen themed short films
hosted by JASNA Southwest (here)
First place (20+)—Jillian Davis and Yolanda Rodriguez, “Jane Austen Virtual Book Club”
First place (under 20)—Thomas Fitzgerald, “Handsome, Clever and Rich”
Second place (20+)—Lydia Smith, “A Letter to Jane”
Second place (under 20)—Elliot Cagle, “A Certain Step Towards Falling in Love”
Third place (20+)—Courtney Birnbaum, “Morland and Mishaps”
Third place (under 20)—Sajween Khan, “Letters to Cassandra”

What a Lady Might Carry in Her Reticule, Part 3:
Coin Purses, Fans, Vinaigrettes (here)

MARCH: watch
Events from Jane Austen & Co.
events are free, but rsvp required for live event (here)

March 16: “I hope white hands”—Wedgwood, Abolition, and the Female Consumer"
Professor Patricia A. Matthew (Montclair State University) will discuss the links between the abolition movement, sugar, and the depiction of Black women in the Regency period.

March 25: “Making No Difference for Colour or Character”:
Representations of Race in Bridgerton and the Regency
This talk will explore some of the most important Black women and men of the Regency era, as well as the ways in which Bridgerton both illuminates and ignores their lives.

APRIL: puzzle haul
Pride and Puzzlement: A Jane Austen Puzzle
A 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Featuring Literature's Most Beloved Characters and Couples
art by Jaqui Oakley | details

Featuring illustrations and information about Austen’s most famous novels and characters like Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, Emma and Mr. Knightley from Emma, Elinor and Margaret Dashwood from Sense and Sensibilty, and more, this puzzle, with its accompanying frameable poster, is perfect for both longtime fans and Austen newbies.

Jane Austen Literary Lines
A 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle | details

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild has made this handsome jigsaw puzzle featuring Jane Austen’s works! Each quote is rendered by hand, charmingly filigreed, and ornamented to pleasing effect. You’ll lose yourself for hours in this captivating puzzle – a new way to surround yourself with Jane Austen’s words – her wit, her empathy, and her still-brilliant observations about a party.

The World of Jane Austen
A 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle with 60 Characters and Great Houses to Find
illustrated by Barry Falls, text by John Mullan | details

Piece together the world of Jane Austen, from the rolling hills of Derbyshire, via Hampshire and Lyme Regis, to the golden stone of the Bath skyline. As you immerse yourself in the proposals and balls of nineteenth-century England, why not take a turn around the garden with Mr Knightly, surprise Mr Darcy at Pemberley or escape to the seaside with Anne Elliot? Austen and her real-life contemporaries can be found amongst unforgettable characters from all six of her novels. From whispered intrigues to harmonious weddings, Janeites will delight in the details as they build this 1000-piece puzzle.

MAY: watch
Virtual Jane Con
May 1-2, 2021
hosted by bookhoarding
presentations (here)

JUNE: spotted
A lovely Pride and Prejudice display
at a new cute gift boutique called Perdita on Divisadero (here)

JULY: free virtual visit
Jane Austen on Holiday
presented by Jane Austen's House
see exhibit (here)

Jane in July (here)

Summer with Jane (here)

Austen in Autumn (here)

Spooky Jane (here)

Jane Austen's Influence on Japanese Realist Novels
hosted by Jane Austen & Co. (here)

Georgiana and Kitty
Christmas at Pemberley
(part three of trilogy)
at Marin Theatre (here)


* header image source: cover of Austenland by Shannon Hale
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