Saturday, December 14, 2019

The Clergyman's Wife by Molly Greeley

The Clergyman's Wife
by Molly Greeley

Published: December 2019
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Genre: Historial, Romance, Jane Austen theme
Paperback: 304
Rating: 5

First sentence(s):
Mr. Collins walks like a man who has never become comfortable with his height: his shoulders hunched, his neck thrust forward.

Charlotte Collins, nee Lucas, is the respectable wife of Hunsford’s vicar, and sees to her duties by rote: keeping house, caring for their adorable daughter, visiting parishioners, and patiently tolerating the lectures of her awkward husband and his condescending patroness, Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Intelligent, pragmatic, and anxious to escape the shame of spinsterhood, Charlotte chose this life, an inevitable one so socially acceptable that its quietness threatens to overwhelm her. Then she makes the acquaintance of Mr. Travis, a local farmer and tenant of Lady Catherine.

In Mr. Travis’ company, Charlotte feels appreciated, heard, and seen. For the first time in her life, Charlotte begins to understand emotional intimacy and its effect on the heart—and how breakable that heart can be. With her sensible nature confronted, and her own future about to take a turn, Charlotte must now question the role of love and passion in a woman’s life, and whether they truly matter for a clergyman’s wife.

My two-bits:

Loved how this story took a slight turn from what I was expecting. Although, most of the story is telling of the times for women's lives.

I liked getting Charlotte's perspective and introspection of her past and present situations in regards to her relationships and love life.

It was a treat to see bits of Darcy and his Elizabeth.


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