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The Best American Food Writing 2018 edited by Ruth Reichl

The Best American Food Writing 2018
edited by Ruth Reichl

Published: 2018
Publisher: Mariner Books
Genre: Essays, Food
Paperback: 320


Revenge of the Lunch Lady by Jane Black
New York, Chicago, Detroit, Portland? Making the Case for a New American Pizza city by Karen Brooks
Christina Tossi Has a Cookie by Mary H.K. Choi *
I've worked in Food for Twenty Years, Now You Finally Care About Female Chefs? by Amanda Cohen *
Secrets in the Sauce by Lauren Collins
On the Iberico Trail by John T. Edge
Is Dinner for Two Worth $1,000? By Jonathan Gold *
How Driscoll's Reinvented the Straberry by Dana Goodyear
Temples of the Seasons by Alex Halberstadt
The Struggle of "Eating Well" When You're Poor by Marissa Higgins *
The NBA's Secret Sandwich Addiction by Baxter Holmes *
The White Lies of Craft Culture by Lauren Michele Jackson
Where's the Beef? By Beth Kowitt
In Good Hands by Francis Lam
To Wash or Not to Wash? By Harold McGee
Born in the USA: The Rise and Triumph of Asian-American Cuisine by Ligaya Mishan *
Who Owns Uncle Ben? By Shane Mitchell
Georgetown One Stop by John O'Connor
The Country Sausage That's Going to Town by Chris Offutt
The Teenage Whaler's Tale by Julia O'Malley
The Mad Cheese Scientist Fighting to Save the Dairy Industry by Clint Rainey
The Joy of Reading About Cooking by Tejal Rao
Oysters: A Love Story by Tejal Rao
Mario Batali and the Appetites of Men by Helen Rosner
Pawhuska or Bust: A Journe to the Heart of Pioneer Woman Country by Khushbu Shah
The World's Last Great Undiscovered Cuisine by Anya Von Bremzen
After Oranges by Wyatt Williams

“Food writing is stepping out,” legendary food writer Ruth Reichl declares at the start of this, the inaugural edition of Best American Food Writing. “It’s about time…Food is, in a very real sense, redesigning the world.” Indeed, the twenty-eight pieces in this volume touch on every pillar of society: from the sense memories that connect a family through food, to the scientific tinkering that gives us new snacks to share, to the intersections of culinary culture with some of our most significant political issues. At times a celebration, at times a critique, at times a wondrous reverie, the Best American Food Writing 2018 is brimming with delights both circumspect and sensuous. Dig in!

My two-bits:
I read the stories with "*" to create some hype for the food feasting brought on by Thanksgiving which definitely satisfied the craving.

I plan to read more later for stories on history, experiences and fun food facts.


* part of monthly theme: SciFi, Supper, Love, Sex and Marriage

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