Friday, August 23, 2019

Author binge: Lisa Jewell

Lisa Jewell
Reading Challenge
(mystery thrillers)

Ralph's Pary (1999)
Thirtynothing (2000)
One-Hit Wonder (2001)
A Friend of the Family (2004)
Vince and Joy (2005)
Roommates Wanted (2007)
The Truth About Melody Browne (2009)
After The Party (2010)
The Making of Us (2011)
Before I Met You (2012)
The House We Grew Up In (2013)
The Third Wife (2014)
Girls in the Garden (2015)
I Found You (2016) (review)
Then She Was Gone (2017) (review)
Watching You (2018)

* image header source: Then She Was Gone cover


  1. Woah! There are a lot. Haven't read any by this author though

  2. Quite a backlist, but I've always thought her books looked pretty cool. :)


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