Tuesday, November 13, 2018

I'll Be Gone In The Dark by Michelle McNamara

I'll Be Gone In The Dark:
One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer
by Michelle McNamara
narrated by Gabra Zackman

Find out more about this book and author:

Published: February 2018
Publisher: Harper
Genre: Mystery, True Crime
Hardback: 352
Rating: 4

First sentence(s):
Before the Golden State Killer, there was the girl.

Zombie sighting:
Zombies were scientifically implausible.
-Afterword, page 317

For more than ten years, a mysterious and violent predator committed fifty sexual assaults in Northern California before moving south, where he perpetrated ten sadistic murders. Then he disappeared, eluding capture by multiple police forces and some of the best detectives in the area.

Three decades later, Michelle McNamara, a true crime journalist who created the popular website TrueCrimeDiary.com, was determined to find the violent psychopath she called "the Golden State Killer." Michelle pored over police reports, interviewed victims, and embedded herself in the online communities that were as obsessed with the case as she was.

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark—the masterpiece McNamara was writing at the time of her sudden death—offers an atmospheric snapshot of a moment in American history and a chilling account of a criminal mastermind and the wreckage he left behind. It is also a portrait of a woman’s obsession and her unflagging pursuit of the truth. Utterly original and compelling, it has been hailed as a modern true crime classic—one which fulfilled Michelle's dream: helping unmask the Golden State Killer.

My two-bits:

Interesting to see the aspects of this story through various character perspectives. The meticulous research and attention to details throughout reaches ever so close to the killer.


* listened to the audio version

* part of R.I.P. 13 (here)


  1. This is a book I so want to read. At least now, her death is not in vain.

  2. I loved this one! She did such a great job and it's so tragic that she passed before he was finally caught. Glad you enjoyed it too.

  3. I would definitely read this, especially after that TV special that shows how they think they got him through a DNA search.


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