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Lovely Books and Things - 9.23.17

Lovely Books and Things
My Weekly Books and Films Update

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LIGHT week with both books and films as preparations and drive to take the kid up for a third year of college is at hand.

While away we plan to catch a couple theatre productions at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and browse the streets of Ashland. I know of a couple bookstores that will definitely be visited :-)


For Review:

All the Tomorrows
by Nillu Nasser
-Women's Fiction, Marriage
Release date: November 6, 2017
courtesy of author -Thanks!
Amazon | Goodreads

LOOKING forward to the marriage theme in this one.

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This week's prompt:

Have you ever asked co-workers to give you a book or B&N gift card if they got your name for a Secret Santa gift exchange? If so, did you get what you asked for? (submitted by Maria @ A Night's Dream of Books)

NOPE. Great idea though. I just might do that this year ;-)

AND watched: in theatre

The Trip to Spain (2017)
Director: Michael Winterbottom
Starring: Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon
-Comedy, Drama | imdb | my rating: 3

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon embark on a six-part episodic road trip through Spain, sampling the restaurants, eateries, and sights along the way.

LIKE the previous two films with beautiful countryside shots of Spain and updates on their lives. Some of the humor was the same, but just as funny. My only beef is that there was not enough food shots to satisfy my inner foodie.

AND watched: online

Rick and Morty (2013 - present)
TV series
Creators: Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland
Stars: Justin Roiland, Chris Parnell, Spencer Grammer, Sarah Chalke
-Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-fi (kinda) | imdb | my rating: 4

An animated series on adult-swim about the infinite adventures of Rick, a genius alcoholic and careless scientist, with his grandson Morty, a 14 year-old anxious boy who is not so smart, but always tries to lead his grandfather with his own moral compass. Together, they explore the infinite universes; causing mayhem and running into trouble. --Written by Ruben Galaviz

STARTED watching some of these episodes. The kid introduced me to this crazy pair. Fun for Back to the Future fans.


* comment and TELL me what you have acquired for your shelves recently



  1. I should ask this year! It is a go-to for my family. "Oh! Just give Carole a B&N giftcard." LOL

  2. Best of luck to your kiddo this year. :)

  3. It's nice to hit some favorite bookstores when traveling. :) And the Shakespeare festival sounds fun!

    I've never seen Rick and Morty although I keep hearing about it!

  4. I hope you have safe travels when you drop off your kids. It sounds like you have a nice trip planned! All the Tomorrows has a lovely cover. I hope you enjoy it!

    I always ask for gift cards to book stores when people insist on a gift list for me. They are my favorite type of gift. :-) You definitely should give it a try.

    I hope you have a great week!

  5. My husband loves Rick and Morty! So do my students (high schoolers). It is amusing, I will give them that!
    I always ask for amazon GC! But, any of my coworkers would know to get me book related stuff anyway!

  6. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival sounds fun :)

  7. Enjoy your new book! It is new to me and I hope you enjoy it. I do love bookish gifts and/or gift cards. Anyone who knows me should know that would be a great gift for me!

  8. Haha, that IS a good idea with the book voucher :D my colleagues once gave me an Amazon voucher! Best work birthday ever.


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