Sunday, July 9, 2017

Glossies Made Me Do It: Mollie Makes

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I came across Mollie Makes magazine: Living a Creative Life at the bookstore and immediately was taken. It is a magazine that includes creative project ideas and a bonus gift that is craft related.

This magazine reminded me of my younger days when I used to get a craft box kit subscription. The crafts were random and skill level for craft-making varied.

I love the girly vibe and interactive element of this magazine. It is visually fun to look through and gets the inspiration mode on.

Also, love the do-it-yourself kit included as it is a great way to be introduced to a craft. And gets you crafting right away - no need to go out and acquire the necessary items to complete it.

The June gift was a loom kit. I have done basic weaving - those art paper cut-outs from the elementary school days. Along with the basic tabby weaving, soumak knots are taught to create a mini textured wall hanging.

The instructions were easy to follow. The only part that had me stumped were in regards to finishing. Based on my crafting experience I "tied up the loose ends" as best I could, but I am not sure if it was done the proper way.

The magazine includes exclusive papers of graphic florals and greenery, but the downside is that patterns are back-to-back. If you want to cut and paste the paper, only one side can be used. Too bad.

I had a great time and went ahead and got the July edition of this magazine for the next kit.


*updated 7/27/17

HERE is what I came up with for the paper, inspired by the current Degas, Millinery Trade exhibit at the San Francisco Legion of Honor...


  1. I hadn't heard of this one. I love that it comes with a craft every month so you can get started on something right away! Looks like you did a good job. :)

    Thanks for linking up! It's great to have you.


  2. This sounds cool and is something my oldest would get into.

  3. Mollie Makes is such a great magazine! Love the wall hanging you made :)


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