Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sweet Lamb of Heaven by Lydia Millet

Sweet Lamb of Heaven
by Lydia Millet
narrated by author

Find out more about this book and author:

Published: 2016
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Genre: Literary, Horror, Thriller
Hardback: 256 pages
Rating: 4

First sentence(s):
When I insisted on keeping the baby, Ned threw his hands into the air palms-forward.

Lydia Millet’s chilling new novel is the first-person account of a young mother, Anna, escaping her cold and unfaithful husband, a businessman who’s just launched his first campaign for political office. When Ned chases Anna and their six-year-old daughter from Alaska to Maine, the two go into hiding in a run-down motel on the coast. But the longer they stay, the less the guests in the dingy motel look like typical tourists―and the less Ned resembles a typical candidate. As his pursuit of Anna and their child moves from threatening to criminal, Ned begins to alter his wife’s world in ways she never could have imagined.

A double-edged and satisfying story with a strong female protagonist, a thrilling plot, and a creeping sense of the apocalyptic, Sweet Lamb of Heaven builds to a shattering ending with profound implications for its characters―and for all of us.

My two-bits:

Scary thoughts on the future.

The story starts out in a certain typical direction that slowly turns and hangs heavy and heavier towards the end.

Loved how this story turns again at the end.

Got me thinking of what it is to be and feel safe.


* Listened to audiobook version.

* part of Cloak & Dagger Challenge (here)

* part of Tournament of Books 2017 (here)


  1. This is the type of plot that truly IS terrifying; sounds quite good! - especially on audio oO

  2. I think you hit upon what are the really scary books to me- when they have even the reader wondering about their safety.


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