Sunday, November 6, 2016

Jane Austen-ish: schedule

Jane Austen-ish
a virtual book event
November 6-11, 2016

JOIN me for not quite Jane, but Jane Austen-ish tales for this week. However, Jane's Persuasion is in this lot. Cheers ;-)

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Waiting on Wednesday: The Making of Jane Austen by Devoney Looser
Jane Austen-ish Movies
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Giveaways end November 20, 2016, unless otherwise noted
Announcement: winners revealed the week of Nov 21

Complete list of books featured and mentioned:
there may be more... final list will be updated at the end of the event.
AND giveaway links will light up when available

Darcy's Hope
Beauty from Ashes
A WW1 Pride & Prejudice Variation
by Ginger Monette
Amazon | Goodreads | giveaway | my review

The Making of Jane Austen
by Devoney Looser
-History, Jane Austen
Amazon | Goodreads

Persuasion and Poems
by Jane Austen
narrated by Alison Larkin
-Classic, Romance
Amazon | Goodreads | my review

Secrets in the Snow
by Michaela MacColl
-Historical, Jane Austen theme, YA
Amazon | Goodreads | giveaway | my review

Films featured:

Becoming Jane (2007)
imdb | my review

Death Comes to Pemberley (2013)
imdb | my review

--~ Book Giveaway ~--

Jane Austen
(Adult Coloring Book): 55 Removable Coloring Plates
by Abrams Noterie (Creator), Anita Rundles (Illustrations)
Amazon | Goodreads

WIN a copy of this book!

Open to all.

Offer ends: November 20, 2016


As most people list Pride and Prejudice as their favorite Austen novel, TELL ME what is your second most favorite Austen novel.

AND, leave your email.


Contest has ended - (winner is here)



* freebie: pick up a free Jane Austen themed coloring page (here) from LitCube

* image source: event badge cover of The Making of Jane Austen by Devoney Looser

* What is a virtual book event? a celebration of books and authors that are in keeping with a theme which may include guest posts and giveaways. Audience participation is encouraged and most welcome.


  1. Just wanted to say that I look forward to your review of Secrets in the Snow <3

  2. Sounds like an interesting few days. Are the giveaways open to international readers like me? I live in the UK..

    angmardee (at) hotmail (dot) com

    1. P.S. Sorry, forgot to say that my second favourite Jane Austen novel is Persuasion, not least cos of that swoon-worthy letter.

      Also, when you check out the free colouring page from LitCube, it says it's a quote from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, when it's actually a quote from the 2005 film adaptation.

  3. My second most favorite Jane Austen Novel is Mansfield Park ♡ Thank you

  4. Hey, I'm twinsies with Linda Romer because my second favorite JA is Mansfield Park. :) But I also have to say that Persuasion is my top favorite instead of good old P&P. Actually, I love all her novels so I'm happy for the event. :)
    I've got Secrets in the Snow to review as well. Looking forward to your thoughts on the others.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.
    sophiarose1816 at gmail dot com

  5. Hi,

    my second favorite is EMMA. It's a fun read and fun to view as a movie. I love Mr Knightley just as much as I do not like Frank Churchill.


  6. Hi,
    Sense and Sensibility is my 2nd favorite. I love double love stories. Team Marianne but I grown to love Elinor! rearadmiral00 at gmail dot com

  7. I'm so glad I came across your Jane Austen Event!! I do adore Pride and Prejudice, but I love Emma just as much!! I just love all the characters and their interactions, it's so much fun to read, no matter how many times I've read it, seen the movies, or read novels inspired by it! Thank you!
    inthehammockblog at gmail dot com

  8. My second favorite is Pride and Prejudice as my absolute favorite is Persuasion. Thank you for the giveaway :)

  9. More Jane Austen!
    And I have painting lessons, so I would love this!

    "Persuasion" is my #2 on her!


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