Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Korean Book Challenge

Korean Book Challenge
hosted by vvb32 reads

I am making my Korean interest and reading into a challenge to read books by Korean Authors and/or Containing Korean Characters


The Birth of Korean Cool
by Euny Hong
Non-fiction | Amazon | Goodreads

Please Look After Mother
by Kyung-Sook Shin
Family, Korea | Amazon | Goodreads | my review

Re Jane
by Patricia Park
Bronte theme | Amazon | Goodreads

One Hundred Shadows
by Hwang Jung-eun
translated by Jung Yeown
Contemporary Fiction, South Korea | Amazon | Goodreads

My Holiday in North Korea:
The Funniest/Worst Place on Earth
by Wendy E. Simmons
Memoir, Travel, North Korea | Amazon | Goodreads

In Order to Live:
A North Korean Girl's Journey to Freedom
by Yeonmi Park, Maryanne Vollers
Korea, Memoir | Amazon | Goodreads

by Min Jin Lee
Fiction, Korea | Amazon | Goodreads

The Vegetarian
by Han Kang
translated by Deborah Smith
Contemporary Fiction, Korea | Amazon | Goodreads | my review

Hello, I Love You
by Katie M. Stout
Music, Romance, YA, Korea | Amazon | Goodreads | my review

I Have The Right To Destroy Myself
by Young-Ha Kim
Korea, Mystery, Art | Amazon | Goodreads | my review

K-Pop Now!:
The Korean Music Revolution
by Mark James Russell
Non-fiction, Korea, Music | Amazon | Goodreads

=====> I am flipping through and reading bits and pieces from this one.


* updated 11/13/16, converted to a personal ongoing challenge

* Goodreads listopia list of Korean reads (here)

* badge image source: The Birth of Korean Cool by Euny Hong

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